Build your own log store

There are a wide variety of options open to owners of wood burning stoves when it comes to choosing fuel. Logs Direct can provide kiln dried logs that are ready to be thrown on the fire and will produce the maximum possible amount of heat along with the least smoke. A cheaper option is to buy unseasoned logs. These contain moisture and will need to be stored outside for six to 12 months in order to dry them out and make them ready to burn. This is where a log store comes in.

You can build your own log store using 9 x 9 cm posts to build a frame and wooden slats to keep out the elements. A reasonable size to make a store is about two metres wide, 1.8 metres tall and 60 cm deep.

Build your own custom log store or get logs direct to build one for you

You'll want to make sure that the roof of your store is sloped by cutting the top of your upright posts so that they are 25 mm higher at the back than at the front. The roof supports that sit on top of the uprights should protrude by 30 cm in front of the open end of the store. This will help keep the rain off your logs.

Cross members at the top of the store and at half height will make the structure rigid. It is worth checking carefully that the store is symmetrical and the wooden posts are at right angles to one another before tightening up any screws.

For the roof, a solid sheet of chipboard or other material can be used. This should be covered with either roofing felt or corrugated iron in order to protect it from the elements. It's best to cover the sides using wooden slats to allow air to circulate around your logs. A shelf at half height can be constructed from the same material, as can one at the base to prevent damp rising into the logs.

Sealant should be used to prevent water from seeping in under the roof and the upright posts should be treated to stop them from rotting.

Alternatively, you could just buy a ready-made log store from Logs Direct, starting from only £125.

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