Beans mean fuel: brand new coffee logs

We're excited about a new product we're stocking, bio-bean coffee logs. These new eco logs, from the award winning bio-bean clean technology company, burn hotter and longer than wood and they're clean too. What better use for the grounds from the 55 million cups of coffee we drink a day than to turn them into an incredible biofuel?

Bean to stove

When Arthur Kay came up with the idea for bio-bean in 2013, he was still a student. Since then the company has won funding from the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge, and by 2015 was processing 50,000 tonnes of coffee grounds a year - that's the waste from 1 in 10 cups of coffee we drink in the UK. In just 2 years the company has recycled beans to our stoves, in a product the Science Museum called an 'outstanding' use of what otherwise goes to landfill, or the incinerator.

The Science Museum called coffee logs an 'outstanding' use of what otherwise goes to landfill, or the incinerator.

No grounds for complaint

With a higher calorific value than wood, meaning it releases more heat when it burns, coffee logs are both cheap and carbon neutral. They're a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels or using imported wood and they're versatile, too - perfect not just for multifuel stoves but for open fires and outdoor firepits and chimineas.

Beans mean fuel

The process of creating the so-called 'espresso logs' is one of the most exciting things about them, because it's not just logs and pellets that come out of the process. Once the wet coffee grounds are dried, compacted and coated in wax the oil is extracted for use as a bio-diesel, giving 2 carbon neutral fuels for the price of one. The only downside? Its the oils in coffee that give it that enticing aroma so your coffee logs won't make your house smell like a branch of your local coffee shop. But it's a small price to pay for such an innovative and exciting new fuel.

Coffee logs are perfect for multifuel stoves, open fires and outdoor firepits and chimineas

Are you for coffee logs?

If the answer is yes, then we'll be delighted to supply them to you. We sell a wide range of eco logs and this is another exciting addition to the range for all of you who want to burn fuels that are sustainable and kinder to the environment.

Are you for coffee logs?

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