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  • Getting into the Practice of Burning the Right Wood

    British wood fuel specialist and supplier, Logs Direct, is warning British homeowners not to give in to the temptation to burn the wrong wood, just because they feel nothing else is available during UK lockdown. Woodburner owners are to be placed under new buying restrictions from May 1, 2021 anyway and Logs Direct says that practice makes perfect when it comes to ethical wood usage, so now is the time to start. The wood expert is reminding wood stove and pizza oven owners that it always has the right wood available for order and delivery and that shopping at
  • The Wood Supplier Keeping Calm, Carrying on and Urging Woodburning Good Practice

    Some of the coldest temperatures in recent winters, heavy snowfalls in parts of the UK and the latest UK lockdown, predicted to last at least until Easter, have not been enough to erode the resilience of one of the UK’s leading suppliers of ready to burn wood, which has kept woodburning customers warm all winter and throughout Covid-19. The team in the log yard at Logs Direct, close to Lancaster, always rise to the challenge of ensuring Britain’s homeowners have kiln dried wood, ready to use in their homes, so they can keep warm and carry on burning wood in...
  • Make PM2.5 Compliance a Priority This Winter - What the Law Expects of Retailers

    The actions recommended by Defra’s Clean Air Strategy will now become legally binding in England as from May 1, 2021, with legislation having been passed by parliament in November 2020.  Scotland and Wales are currently determining their own strategies. Winter 2020 will, therefore, be the last season in which English retailers will be able to sell wood and coal in the way in which they have done in the past.  It is also an opportunity for them to fully understand the changes, as they will soon find themselves on the front-line, explaining these new retail regulations to customers. The new...

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