Kiln Dried Logs

We have a range of kiln dried logs for sale on our site, so please have a browse of this section to find out more. Furthermore, we can have our kiln dried logs delivered to you within a fast turnaround time – so if you are looking to stock up on logs this winter, our selection offers you some great options.

Are kiln dried logs worth it?

Kiln dried logs are typically more expensive than softwood. This is because they have to go through a more labour intensive drying process to remove enough moisture for burning. Many people love the cracking sound that this type of wood makes when it’s on the fire, as well as its cosy, earthy smell. It’s also worth going for kiln dried logs if you are looking to maintain a fire for a longer period of time, as they typically burn for longer than other types.

What are the best kiln dried logs?

The best kiln dried logs you can buy are those that have been sufficiently dried to below 15 percent moisture. This will make them easier to set alight, and will ensure that they burn for longer.

Do kiln dried logs smoke?

Kiln dried logs produce less smoke than wet wood, so are a popular choice for indoor fires. Generally, the lower the moisture content, the less smoke will be produced. However, there will still be some smoke produced so, if you’re using indoors, make sure you clean your chimney regularly.

Can I store kiln dried logs outside?

You can store kiln dried logs outside. However, there are a few steps you should take to ensure they don’t get too damp. First, ensure that they are in a location that is as protected and sheltered as possible from wind and rain. Also, be sure to keep them on a flat and even surface to prevent build-up of water underneath, and stack them neatly and tightly together so that only the top layer becomes damp if exposed to rain.