Kameeldoring Sun-Dried African Braai Wood 9kg Box

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Incredibly dense and dry firewood that is perfect for outdoor cooking bbq/braai. Creates long lasting coals with very little smoke as it has a moisture content of less than 2% and as such is highly prized amongst the outdoor cooking community


Kameeldoring burns with minimal flame, an amazing aromatic fragrance and creates serious amounts of really good charcoal. So this is a superb cooking wood, its perfect for fire pits and Chimaneas and wood burning stoves and has an incredible long burn time! Kameeldoring has the lowest moisture content of any wood that we bring from Africa, it’s baked by the African sun to between 0 to 1 % moisture content. If you compare this to a Kiln dried or domestic firewood in the UK they can range between 20 – 30% moisture content, it’s extremely dry, seriously hard and heavy which is the reason it takes so long to burn with an extremely high heat output

  • Amazing long burn times
  • Perfect for the tradition Braai cooking
  • Much denser than UK OAK
  • Very high cooking temperatures
  • Cooking with virtually no smoke whilst burning


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