Wood Wool Eco Firelighters - 1box

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Fancy a change from the usual petrol based firelighters that leave your hands smelling like you have just filled your car with petrol? Well here is the alternative from Logs Direct, the eco wood wool firelighter!

Eco firelighters are a natural product made from sustainably sourced wood, wool and soaked with clean candle and bees waxes.

Our wood wool firelighters:

    • Contain no chemicals or adulterants

    • Are completely non-toxic

    • Smell absolutely lovely (it’s worth going natural just for this – honestly!)

    • Are ideal for grills and barbeques; because they are completely non-toxic. They won’t taint your food with chemicals or unpleasant odours.

    • Are extremely effective – one firelighter will light coal, wood briquettes or large firewood logs.

    • Each firelighter is 9cm long and burns for 10 minutes.

Each box contains 24 firelighters and is 120x90x155mm in size.

Buy some today – It’s the stuff champagne cases are packed with!

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