Approved Woodfuel Merchants

As a provider of solid fuels across the whole of Britain, we at Logs Direct see it as part of our corporate responsibility to minimise the impact our fuels have on the environment and improve the product received by our customers as much as possible.

Over the years we have become approved by the FSC as responsible foresters, the Coal Traders Association as Approved Coal Merchants, and we have even received support from the Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

We are pleased to announce that we have one more accreditation to add to that list, as we are now Approved Woodfuel Merchants. This is just the most recent step on the long road we have taken in the name of making sure that Logs Direct can continue to be classed amongst the top solid fuel merchants in the country.

Having an accredited supplier of woodfuel is only good news for our customers. Wood is currently amongst the cheapest sources of fuel, especially for heating a home, and many British citizens are relying on this low cost to keep warm during the variable weather we get here.

Burning wood is also 100% renewable and substantially reduces our reliance on fossil fuels (and other non-renewable fuel sources). Possibly the most critical factor however is that wood is carbon-neutral. Because trees absorb carbon dioxide throughout their life as they photosynthesise, the carbon released from burning them is mitigated.

Energy production in the UK is at risk of a substantial upset, and by 2020 the country could be importing more than 50% of its required gas. Switching to wood burning protects you from this instability and the inevitable price rises that are associated with it.

Many people are put off by the initial outlay of the equipment needed to change their heating system and boiler, but what they aren’t aware of is the time needed to see a return on your investment. The savings you make on wood fuel compared to traditional fossil fuel suppliers can cover the cost of the system in as few as ten years, and this number decreases as the cost of oil and gas increases.

Switching to wood fuel is good for your pocket, good for the environment and good for the British economy, and you can rest assured that you have easy access to an Approved Woodfuel Merchant in Logs Direct.