Chiminea and fire pit fuel

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    Chimenea Fuel



    Made from premium kiln dried hardwood these chimenea chunks are perfectly sized for burning in your outdoor garden chimenea or patio fire pit. Incredibly low residual ash and a high heat output they produce a warm hearty sustained burn.

    Our Chimenea and Fire Pit Fuel comes in Handy carry bags are easy to store and carry.

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  2. Blazer Chunks


    Unique Chunks of Blazers, one of the most popular compressed sawdust logs

    Buy single 10kg Bags for £4.50 each, a half pallet of 30x10kg bags for £125 or a full pallet of 64x10kg bags for £3.50 per bag. Free delivery is subject to a minimum order of £99

    • No glues or additives - so no sparks or spitting
    • Very low moisture content
    • Perfect for Small Stoves
    • Suitable for Stoves, Open fires, pizza ovens, Chimeneas
    • Clean and easy to handle
    • Combine well with other fuels
    • 5x Hotter than logs
    • Smokeless fuel
    • 10kg carry bag
    • Each chunk approx. 6-8cm long
    • Bag size: 64cm x 43cm

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