Cheap topsoil

Once the warmer weather hits, we all begin to dream about what we might do with our gardens this summer. Almost all of your landscaping, grass-growing or turf installing dreams will require some topsoil.

What is topsoil used for?

Topsoil, as the name suggests, is used to top your garden soil. It contains organic matter which helps plants to grow. Topsoil can be used to cover the ground, create new beds, create new borders, or create a simple base for laying turf or sowing grass seeds - whichever you prefer. You can also use it to fill raised beds in gardens that are paved to help you grow a little greenery.

Is topsoil the same as soil?

Topsoil contains natural organic matter from grasses, leaves, tree bark and weeds that can help to encourage plant life. It is, as the name suggests, the top part of the soil. Garden soil, however, is better enriched and so it is much better suited to growing plants. Topsoil is often described as a landscaping tool, used to level and fill, while garden soil is better for growing.

How deep should my topsoil be?

It depends on what it is you're using it for, but in most cases, your topsoil should be anywhere from 13-25cm deep. This provides plenty of room for the roots to grow and your plants to thrive. Get cheap topsoil delivery from us at Logs Direct and help your garden thrive today.

What should good topsoil look like?

Good topsoil will most often be dark brown or almost black in colour and be smooth and gritty. It should crumble in your fingers, and you should be able to feel the grit in it, which indicates the presence of minerals like phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium. If the soil is too hard, that may indicate low levels of organic matter which should be avoided. If the soil naturally forms into clumps or balls, then your soil may be clay-rich, which is also not ideal.

Does topsoil help grass?

Yes, Topsoil does a great job at providing nutrients to newly growing grass. Topdressing your grass is a job that will help you prepare and maintain a perfect lawn, and keep it healthy and growing.

Where can I get top soil delivered near me?

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