Our Seasoned Logs are Ready-to-Burn Certified

Logs Direct is one of the founding members of an exclusive group; the Woodsure Ready to Burn certified vendors of Ready to Burn wood.

One of the major reasons that smog returned to news headlines and public discussion after years of cleaner air is because of a rise in the burning of unsuitable solid fuels within cities.

To combat this, the Woodsure woodfuel accreditation scheme was created. Woodsure certification ensures that your woodfuel is ready to burn on delivery – that it’s been dried to the extent that it won’t contribute to smog issues, and that it will burn with optimum efficiency, meaning that it won’t damage the appliance it burns in.

Our kiln-dried and fully seasoned logs are ready to burn, and have been since before Woodsure accreditation was possible.

That’s why we immediately signed on to Woodsure, to prove what we already knew.

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