Happy Enriched Top Soil 35L

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Nutrient Rich 100% Peat Free


Nutrient rich 100% peat free compost can be used to create beds, borders and raised beds.

It can also be used for planting trees, shrubs and in the preparation for laying lawns.

With added nutrients and organic matter to enhance the soil where beds and borders have shrunk and will add life to tired soils.

Mix 50:50 with existing soil or used on its own.

Can be used as a compost additive.

Enriched top soil helps to retain the moisture and acts as a ballast where posts or containers are likely to fall over in the wind.

Improves the soil condition & encourages plant survival rate. A favourite of the Landscape trade. Use as the ideal preparation for garden & turf or alternatively as top dressing in ground maintenance.

Ideal for:

  • Replacing old soil in borders
  • Creating raised beds
  • Lawns and landscaping
  • This carefully selected and blended ingredients help improve the natural soil in your garden and give better results.


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