Richmoor Organic Compost 40L

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Improves all types of soil


High in organic matter Richmoor organic compost is formulated to improve all types of soils, beds and borders, roses, shrubs and great as a top dressing.

A rich source of humus and natural plant nutrients needed for vigorous plant growth, it helps retain moisture and adds life to tired soils and improve long term soil fertility.

Allows NATURAL slow release nutrient supply for all plant life.

Improves the soil condition & encourages plant survival rate.

A favourite of the Landscape trade.

Use as the ideal preparation for garden & turf or alternatively as top dressing in ground maintenance.

Mix 50:50 with existing soils or use on its own.

Principally composed of organic materials and naturally contains a range of micro-organisms.

Ideal for:

  • Improving soil composition
  • Mulching
  • Planting out


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