Bord na Mona Orchid Potting Mix 10L - 2 Bags

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Bark blend for healthy roots, with FREE delivery


Made from selected bark and perlite to ensure a lot of air around the roots and optimum moisture holding environment for orchids. It contains a low level of nutrients to ensure flowering and protect roots.

This product has been specially formulated to provide the optimum environment, perfect for sustaining orchids for many months.

Orchids benefit from repotting yearly, ideally early spring or autumn to encourage vigorous growth for beautiful flowers.

Not suitable for ericaceous plants.

  • Repotting orchids
  • Potting new plants
  • Optimum aeration for healthy roots
  • Avoid repotting in hot weather
  • Orchids thrive in high air environments , avoid overwatering as the roots may rot.


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