Wood Pellets 15kg

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Our BSL registered wood pellets are made from highly compressed, very dry sawdust. The sawdust is squeezed through a highly pressured 6mm die. The high pressure releases natural lignin in the wood which acts as a natural ‘glue’ – there are no additives whatsoever in our products.


Our BSL registered wood pellets are a carbon neutral eco-friendly alternative to Natural Gas, Oil and other environmentally unfriendly products. Wood pellets have an incredible heat output and efficiency rating; and, because of their uniform nature, can be automatically yet carefully regulated, much like oil or gas, using a hopper or feeder to your stove.

Our wood pellets are additive free (meaning you can use them as fuel or compost), produce very few emissions, have an average moisture content of 8% and are from a 100% sustainable wood source in North Wales.

Available in handy 15Kg bags. Please contact us for great discounts on larger volumes.

And don't forget our wood pellets come with free home delivery!

Why Use Wood Pellets? Wood Pellets offer a number of advantages over conventional wood fuels.

Because of their high density and very low moisture content, they are the most efficient type of wood fuel, beating even kiln dried logs in terms of heat efficiency.

This efficiency means they burn at a higher temperature with fewer pollutants including CO2 emissions. This means, less smoke, less tarring and discolouration, less ash and less cleaning. It also means less damage is done to the environment.

It also means they are very cheap. At current prices, wood pellets work out at around 5 p/kWh. This compares very favourably with electricity at 14 p/kWh and Liquid Propane Gas and Oil at around 6 p/kWh!

Generally made from sawdust waste, they are both dryer - typically 10% moisture or less - and more uniform than other fuels. Because of their uniform geometry and composition, they can be treated more like conventional heating fuels such as gas, oil and electricity. Wood pellets can be fed automatically into a pellet stove with very fine calibration, giving near perfect control over heat output/room temperature. Anyone with a conventional fireplace will know this is often not so easy to control, with the room starting off too cold then becoming overheated as the fire takes hold.

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