Wood Pellet Horse Bedding 15kg

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No glues or additives, a 15kg bag of wood pellets is great for horse bedding. Easy to use: just add water, mix and spread out the desired amount for your horse's bed.


Winter is well and truly on its way, so why not stock up with horse bedding today!

Premium horse bedding wood pellets are now available from Logs Direct. Perfect for all breeds of horses to provide comfort and cleanliness as well as an efficient way to reduce the time spent mucking out those much loved animals!

The wood pellet horse bedding is made by subjecting the wood to intense heat which dries the wood to between 8-10% moisture which is then put under extreme pressure to form the pellet. As with any of our wood based pellets there is no glues or additives used to bind the products together but instead it is simply the pressure that prevents them from breaking down.

Our horse bedding comes in a handy 15kg carry pack and can be delivered direct to your house or stables with our free nationwide delivery!

For instructions on how to use our wood pellet horse bedding please see below under our step by step instructions menu!

  1. Put two bags of horse bedding into a wheelbarrow followed by approximately 30 litres of water.
  2. Proceed to turn the wood pellets over until the water has pentrated all of the pellets.
  3. Tip the contents of the wheelbarrow out onto the floor in your desired place and repeat this process until you have your desired amount of animal bedding.
  4. Rake the bedding into position until the bed is made.