Wonky Kiln Dried Hardwood 2cbm Crate - 25cm

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Have you ever wondered what happened to all the mis-shaped or wonky logs or where they end up?

We normally send out perfectly shaped pieces of wood for the fire. But these are our ‘too good for the chipper logs ‘ perhaps not quite as pretty and perfect in shape as our normal logs but they're much cheaper and they are still kiln dried 25cm long hardwood logs - just maybe a bit wonky!


The logs are all kiln dried down to between 12 - 20% which will give a long slow burn with maximum heat output. They are perfect for immediate burning on all stoves and open fires, providing that wonderful aroma that only a log fire can. They can be used on their own or with our other solid fuel options available.

External Crate Dimensions: H 1.65m, W 1.08m, D 1.13m*

Log Size: 25cm (+/- 10%) 

PLEASE NOTE - some of our crates may have different dimensions to the one shown but rest assured they have the same amount of logs.