Part Seasoned Bundle Buys

  1. Sale!

    Pallet Load of Softwood (80 Bags)



    A pallet load of softwood logs - comes in 80 easy to carry nets. Softwood burns quickly and easily, a great way to help get a fire started and to get warm quickly. Learn More
  2. Sale!

    Pallet Load of Partially Seasoned Hardwood Logs (80 Bags)



    Nets are an easy way to move your logs from place to place - a pallet contains 80 nets of partially seasoned hardwood logs, so you can begin seasoning them for next year. Learn More
  3. 1 x Bag of Kiln Dried, 1 x Bag of Partly Seasoned Hardwood Logs

    A bag of hardwood for this year, and a bag of hardwood ready to season for next year. Start your own wood seasoning at a great price. Learn More