Warma Cat Kitten Litter Eco Wood Pellets 40L Premium Absorbent Odour Control

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40L Cat Litter (2 x 20L Packs)


ECO-FRIENDLY: Our softwood pellet cat litter is 100% sustainable and perfect for everyday use. This high-quality cat litter is a favorite among environmentally conscious cat owners. HIGHLY ABSORBENT: These wood pellets absorb quickly, making them a natural and cost-effective alternative to clay litter. The generous 20L bag ensures a long-lasting supply, requiring significantly less product per use. ODOUR CONTROL: Wood pellet cat litter offers superior odour control compared to other types. Its high absorbency minimizes odorus, while the natural aroma keeps your home smelling fresh. KIND TO PAWS: Designed with cats and kittens in mind, Warma Cat Litter is gentle on little paws, ensuring a comfortable, clean, and hygienic environment for your feline friends. Due to demand may come in alternative packaging.


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