Truck Load of Softwood

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A truck load of unseasoned softwood, equivalent to roughly 3 cubic meters. Recommended to season for at least 1 year. Softwood is easy to light and burns quickly, great for starting fires.

Please note this is exclusively available in LA and PR postcodes only. Please ring the office before placing the order to ensure we can deliver to your address.   


Winter might be about over, but why not stock up now with unseasoned softwood so its ready for next year? Well we can deliver to you 3cm of unseasoned softwood which are produced in our Halton sawmill and cut into handy sized pieces for your open fire or stove.

And if you need a further incentive to purchase this fantastic deal, then all deliveries made will be brought in our famous red truck by our local delivery hero Phil!

Our softwood is usually a mix of conifers (pine, fir, spruce and cedar) from sustainably managed woodlands.

If you are interested in seasoning your own logs, take a look at our log stores.

This offer is exclusively available in the local area (LA and PR postcodes only), please call 01524 812476 to place your order today!