Coal and Smokeless Fuel

As part of our accreditation by the Coal Merchant’s Federation of Great Britain into their Approved Coal Merchant’s Scheme, Logs Direct sell only the highest-quality smokeless fuels which meet government standards put in place to protect the environment. Because the smokeless fuel we have for sale is all top quality, it comes with a number of benefits aside from just being smoke-free and kinder to the environment.

Because of how its composition, it burns for a long period of time with a medium-high heat, and is great for keeping a stove or fire going all evening. The ash content in smokeless fuel is small, especially when compared to traditional house coal, resulting in a much cleaner fireplace and less trips outside with the ash pan.

Remember, it’s very important that you know whether or not you’re in a smoke controlled area because violation of the these agreements can result in a hefty fine, so it’s better safe than sorry. Check out the smokeless coal for sale at Logs Direct and make sure you know the protected areas in your county – visit the DEFRA website at to find out more.