Richmoor Multi Purpose Compost 40L

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Perfect for all your growing needs, from sowing seeds and cuttings to potting up hanging baskets and containers.

The special blend of ingredients provides the ideal growing media for plants, shrubs, flowers and vegetables. This unique combinations includes fertiliser and recycled green materials, rich in nutrients.

Revitalise tired Beds and Borders by mixing with existing soil or can be used alone, depending on plant species.

Can also be used to give your lawn an extra boost, simply distribute lightly on the surface.

Great for indoor house plants too.

  • Ideal for Sowing seeds and Cuttings
  • Hanging Baskets and containers
  • Beds and Borders
  • Use inside and out
  • 680x430x80

NB. Not suitable for lime hating plants eg ericaceous species.


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