Pallet Load of Softwood (80 Bags)

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A pallet load of softwood logs - comes in 80 easy to carry nets. Softwood burns quickly and easily, a great way to help get a fire started and to get warm quickly.


80 bags of our unseasoned softwood logs cut into open fire and stove friendly sizes delivered on one pallet. Logs Direct softwood is usually a mix of conifers (pine, fir, spruce and cedar) from sustainably managed woodlands.

Softwood tends to be a lower density than hardwood (i.e. the same size log will be lighter). Because of this, softwood burns faster and is easier to light. So if you are looking for a fire that is easy to start and burns quickly, softwood is your best bet. However, hardwood burns hotter and for longer – relying on cheaper softwood is a false economy but it is useful to get the fire started. You can also mix it with unseasoned hardwood to keep your fire going.

If you are interested in seasoning your own logs, take a look at our log stores.