Softwood Logs

Softwood logs are a popular choice for easily creating a quick fire that warms and radiates your room. They are ideal for indoor use as they can help to quickly build a fire, yet have shorter burning times than hardwood. Fir is the most common softwood for wood burners and fires; however, other softwoods that are used for burning are pine, cedar, spruce and balsam. We have a range of softwood logs for sale via our online store – so please have a browse to learn more about the various softwood options available to you.

What is the difference between softwood and hardwood?

Our customers often wonder about the differences between softwood logs vs hardwood logs. The main difference is that softwood typically burns quicker than hardwood. However, seasoned softwood contains around 20 percent moisture, which is typically less than hardwood. This means that it is easier to set alight, which is a major preference for some people. Whether you opt for softwood or hardwood really is down to a matter of personal preference. Some people only use softwood as it’s so easy to burn; however, others prefer the qualities of hardwood logs.

Can you burn softwood in a wood burner?

Softwood can be used in a wood burner. However, it does produce more resin, so it is recommended that you clean your chimney more frequently if you choose to use this type of fuel. You should also ensure that your softwood has been dried to below 20 percent moisture, otherwise it will be difficult to burn in your wood burner. The other thing to be aware of is that softwood produces more smoke when it burns, which can make it more challenging for use in indoor burners.

What burns better – hardwood or softwood?

Softwood logs are perfect for starting and building a fire quickly, making them great choices for many people. However, once alight, hardwood typically burns for longer, making this a popular choice for larger, outdoor fires. In terms of which one burns better, that depends on what you are looking for in a fire – quick and easy heat, or long-lasting burning powers.