Kiln Dried Oak - December Special Offers

  1. Kiln Dried Hardwood 2cbm Crate


    A crate of logs, stacked to provide you more logs in a single space. This crate is 2 cubic metres, roughly equivalent to 3 dumpy bags, kiln dried to less than 20% moisture content. Your choice of log length and type.

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  2. Kiln Dried Hardwood Dumpy Bag

    Our most popular selection: A dumpy bag of hardwood logs, kiln dried to below 20% moisture content, delivered in a dumpy bag for breathability and easy storage or transportation. Learn More
  3. Kiln Dried Hardwood Mammoth Bag

    The biggest single bag of firewood we offer, a mammoth bag of logs is 1.2 cubic metres, plenty of firewood for winter and a great bargain too. Your choice of log types and lengths. Learn More
  4. Kiln Dried Hardwood 1cbm Crate

    EXTRA SPECIAL OFFER - 1 cubic metre crate, stacked with wood, more logs for the same space. Your choice of wood type and log length. PLEASE NOTE - some of our crates may have different dimensions to the one shown but rest assured they have the same amount of logs. Learn More
  5. Season Your Own | Mixed Hardwoods | Large 2cbm Crate (3 x dumpy bag equivalent)


    Season your own hardwood with our amazing value part-seasoned large crate

    At £190, this is our best value hardwood crate ever. Each crate is carefully stacked with premium 25cm cut sawn hardwood. Stacking in crates provides significantly better value for money firewood than lose bagging. Upon decanting, one large crate will fill easily fill three dumpy bags.

    Each crate contains a mix of hardwoods which can include — ash, alder, birch, beech and oak. The wood has been sawn and stacked in crates in our Lancashire yard. It’s seasoning in our warehouse during the summer and is currently down to 50% moisture, ready for you to finish off the seasoning process at home.

    please note if you wish to discuss availability of this product, you will need to call us on 01524 812476

    External Crate Dimensions:

    Please note this product is not suitable for immediate burning. please note this product is more chunky then the kiln dried wood and can differ in burning.

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