Fireside Accessories

  1. Open front handle basket

    Looking for a stylish and contemporary way to store your logs? Well look no further than our brand new open front log baskets. Learn More

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  2. New!

    Glenweave Square Basket with Ear Handles & Removable Hessian Liner - 3 sizes


    Glenweave Square Basket with Ear Handles & Removable Hessian Liner

    • Crafted from Grey  Rattan
    • High Quality Handmade Product

    Square rattan baskets with tightly wound ear handles and removable hessian liner. Perfect for storing logs, kindling, toys suiting the décor of any home. 

    These baskets come in three sizes:

    S: L 26 X W 26 X H 26
    M: L 33 X W 33 X H 31
    L: L 40 X W 40 X H 37

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  3. Atmosfire Dry Wipe Stove Glass Cleaner


    including P&P
    The Schott Dry Wiper is a unique sponge for cleaning fireplace stove glass. The double layer of extra fine steel wool cleans blackened glass with ease, without water or any smearing. The elastic steel wool fibres work gentle like micro-blades. They clean soft and 'scratch free' without the use of any cleaning agent. The result is a clear view  into any cosy fire.

    Recommended by glass ceramics manufacturer SCHOTT ROBAX®

    Photos: SCHOTT AG

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  4. DeVielle 22 inch Black Coal Hod


    This stylish black modern coal hod from DeVielle adds a contemporary twist to a classic style. The buckets sturdy but lightweight construction is ideal for transporting coal to your fireside. The angled top and handle on the body help to easily pour coal into your fire.

    • Stylish coal hod from DeVielle
    • Adds a contemporary twist to a classic style
    • Sturdy but lightweight construction.
    • Angled top and handle on the body help easy pouring
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  5. Rainbow Flame 5 Sachets


    Flaming Rainbow is a unique product that will add enjoyment to any solid fuel fire! Everyone who enjoys a fire indoors and out, whether a camp fire, a garden fire pit or fireplace will love Flaming Rainbow. Turn any fire into a show of vibrant blue, green, purple and red. Delight your family, mystify your friends. Simply throw the entire stick into your fire and watch the transformation. Each pack will provide over half an hour of vivid entertainment. 

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Organising your wood and coal by the fire and having everything ready to hand can sometimes be more complicated than we might want it to be. That’s what our range of fireside accessories is for – managing your fire and its fuel, with fire guards, coal hods and scuttles, log baskets and more.

Many of our baskets include other mod cons including linings to prevent any ‘wood crumbs’ slipping through and wheels to make repositioning easier.

These liners are removable, and can be cleaned regularly.

A lot of our baskets are also designed with carry handles to make loading from your woodpile and bringing into the house easier.

Make lighting and maintaining your fires easy with this selection, and order yours today. If you’re not sure which are best for you, just get in touch. We’ll be happy to help.