KittiLitt Premium 100% Natural Wood Pellet Cat Litter 30L

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Highly Absorbent Eco Friendly Pine Fresh Scented Low Odour Sustainable Softwood Woodbase Home Kitty Litter Tray Wood Pellets- 30 L


Cats and kittens have very high standards. They feel happiest when everything is comfortable, clean and hygienic at home. Kittlitt is the perfect cat litter for small paws. Kittilitt is a super absorbent, non-clumping wood pellet-based cat litter that provides a high-quality and cost-effective litter for your cat. This softwood pellet cat litter is 100% sustainable and is made in Scotland. Our cat litter wooden pellets are a high-quality cat litter for everyday use that has shown to be quite effective for many ecologically conscious cat owners. Features: Super premium cat litter for everyday use Pine fresh, low odour and hygienic Non-clumping wood pellets Highly absorbent 100% sustainable and made in Scotland Dust free For every bag sold, there is a donation of 12p to cat protection.


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