Kindling Net

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A large bag of kindling, dried for ease of lighting and an easy burn that helps to get fires started.

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You've got the right firewood but you are struggling to light it? Well struggle no more as Logs Direct can offer you fully dried bags of kindling wood supplies that will give you that extra little help in lighting your fire! These are now large bags of kindling the same size as a log net!

Stock up on kindling wood today!

Simply place a few kindling sticks into your fire along with our kiln dried logs and light with our great range of firelighters.

Its a common misconception that any wood can be used as kindling. However in order for kindling to work to its maximum potential it has to be extremely dry in order to provide that easy lighting.

The kindling wood for sale from Logs Direct is all extremely dry and can be the perfect compliment to firelighters when attempting to light the fire. Please note, we may have to substitute nets for kindling boxes.

Buy online for delivery within the UK.