Kiln Dried Real Wood Dumpy Bag

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So why are so many customers turning to Softwood?

In the UK, softwood seems to of got itself a bad name,  Because some softwood trees have high sap content, the logs can be prone to spit or leave tar residue in your chimney. But most of the softwood we sell is Larch this is a really efficient softwood with a very high calorific value (meaning its burns at a good high temperature and leaves very little waste) and it has lower sap content than some other softwoods (meaning less spitting, and less tar). Put this together with the fact that these are Kiln dried to a moisture well below 20% so you won’t get any issues with sap spoiling your glass or blocking your chimney.

So don’t be put off. Over 80% of Scandinavia’s forests are all softwood, and if they can get by burning mainly softwood during their winters that get down to -25/30 degrees you can trust our UK grown softwood firewood to do you proud.

And also don’t forget the environmental benefits of using this wood.

 Why do so many people believe it is more sustainable than hardwood?

Because softwood trees grow so much quicker, after 15 years or so you can get the first thinning’s. This means trees can be planted, grown to size, chopped down to be processed, and replaced at a much faster rate than hardwood trees.

So what’s not to like about Kiln dried super softwood.

Available in three different sized home delivery bags.


Perfect for getting the fire established, with quick uptake, our NEW kiln dried Softwood logs have a moisture content below 20%. Can be combined with other solid fuels to maximise burn time.

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