Kiln Dried Hardwood Mammoth Bag-25cm-UK Kiln dried Mixed

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The biggest single bag of firewood we offer, a mammoth bag of logs is 1.2 cubic metres, plenty of firewood for winter and a great bargain too. Your choice of log types and lengths. Officially Ready to Burn.

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Some people thinking of switching to a real fire solution for their home may be worried about constantly having to restock the fuel they use, but Logs Direct has the solution. Our kiln dried hardwood logs mammoth bag is big enough to keep your fires burning throughout winter. Each bag is 1.2 cubic metres. The actual number of logs within that will vary depending upon the type of wood you opt for and the diameter of each log.

Buying in bulk doesn’t mean any drop in quality. Each log in our kiln dried hardwood logs mammoth bag has been dried in a kiln to create the ideal fuel. The drying process reduces moisture to between 12-20%. This means that each log burns for a longer period and gives off extra heat. As an added bonus, your logs will produce a very pleasing aroma when burned. The final advantage of kiln drying is that the logs are light, clean and easy to handle, adding convenience to the list of good reasons to buy them.

Each kiln dried hardwood logs mammoth bag is made from breathable fabric to maintain the logs in perfect condition. The tie top design of the bag makes it easy to open and close in order to take logs out, and the fact that each kiln dried log is the equivalent of three unseasoned logs means that this is an investment that pays for itself in increased efficiency. Contact us today to find out more about how you can solve your fuelling issues for the long cold winter with a single purchase.

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