Birch Lumpwood Charcoal 10kg

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Experience the ultimate BBQ experience with our signature product, expertly crafted from the core of Silver Birch trees. Our product is carefully produced in Ukraine, with sustainability in mind, so you can enjoy your BBQ guilt-free. - Ready to cook in 15 minutes - Burning time up to 4 hours on open fire - Sustainably produced in Ukraine. - Exclusively large chunks - Perfect for any grill - No smoke and low amount of ash Our exclusively large chunks provide a consistent, long-lasting burn time of up to 4 hours on an open fire, making it perfect for any type of grill. And with a quick 15-minute start time, you'll be ready to cook in no time. Say goodbye to smoke and excessive ash with our product. We pride ourselves on delivering a low-smoke and ash experience, allowing you to enjoy the delicious flavours of your food without any unwanted distractions. Upgrade your BBQ game with our signature product and enjoy the unbeatable taste and performance that only comes from high-quality, sustainably sourced Silver Birch. Main characteristics: Carbon content - 80-90 % Mass fraction of ash - 3%< Mass fraction of water - 4%< Heating level Kcal/kg - 8500 Burning time - 980 sec/cm3


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