Wood Pellets

Wood pellets are a versatile and sustainable fuel option that offers numerous benefits over traditional fossil fuels. Whether for heating or cooking, they provide a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution. Switching to heating pellets can also support local economies and reduce environmental impact. So why not change today and start enjoying the benefits of this clean and renewable fuel source?

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Wood Pellets: A Sustainable and Efficient Fuel Option

Wood pellets are an eco-friendly, cost-effective fuel option for heating and cooking, made from compressed sawdust and other waste materials. They offer numerous advantages over traditional fossil fuels.

For Heating

Wood pellets are commonly used for heating homes and businesses. The pallet stoves and boilers are highly efficient, providing a clean and sustainable heat source. The heating pellets are easy to store and produce less ash and smoke than traditional firewood, reducing the need for cleaning and maintenance.

For Cooking

Wood pellets are also popular for cooking, particularly in outdoor pizza ovens. Pizza oven wood pellets are specially formulated for a clean burn and consistent heat, ideal for cooking delicious, wood-fired pizzas. Hardwood pellets, made from dense, high-quality wood like oak or hickory, are particularly popular for pizza ovens as they produce a distinct smoky flavour.


What are the benefits of using Wood Pellets?

Sustainability: Wood pellets are a renewable and sustainable fuel option. Unlike fossil fuels, which are finite and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, they are made from waste materials that would otherwise be discarded. This makes them a carbon-neutral fuel source, as the carbon dioxide released during combustion is offset by the carbon absorbed by the trees during their growth.

Economics: Using heating pellets has economic benefits. They are often cheaper than traditional fossil fuels because they are made from waste. They also support local economies, as the production and distribution typically involve local businesses and forestry operations.

Quality: It is essential to choose high-quality pellets that are certified by reputable organisations. This ensures the pellets are made from sustainable materials and meet strict quality standards. At Logs Direct, we offer a wide selection of premium heating pellets, including hardwood pellets for pizza ovens, made from 100% pure wood with no additives or binders.

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What are the UK regulations for selling Wood Pellets?

All wood fuel sold in the UK must meet certain sustainability and environmental criteria. The UK government has established regulations to guarantee the quality and safety of heating pellets sold for heating and cooking. One of the principal regulations is the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL), a register of wood fuel suppliers supported by the government.

The packaging in the UK must comply with relevant health and safety regulations. The bags must be suitable for packaging and identify the contents and the supplier. The bags must also be strong enough to withstand transportation and storage.


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