Biomass Wood Pellets

  1. Blazers Wood Pellets 15kg

    Our wood pellets are made from highly compressed, very dry sawdust. The sawdust is squeezed through a highly pressured 6mm die. The high pressure releases natural lignin in the wood which acts as a natural ‘glue’ – there are no additives whatsoever in our products. Learn More

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  2. Wood Pellet Horse Bedding 15kg

    No glues or additives, a 15kg bag of wood pellets is great for horse bedding. Easy to use: just add water, mix and spread out the desired amount for your horse's bed. Learn More
  3. Blazer Wood Pellets 15kg x 67bags

    • Blazer wood pellets
    • 67 x 15kg bags
    • ENplus Grade A1 pellets
    All of our Enplus grade 1 heating pellets are BSL accredited enabling them to be burnt on RHI boilers. Please note, due to UK shortage of this product, these may arrive in different packaging. Learn More

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