1. Sale!

    Bio-Bean Coffee Logs



    • Hotter burn 
    • Longer burn time
    • Manufactured in the UK from London coffee shop waste
    • 100% carbon neutral
    • zero waste
    • 16 eco briquettes per pack
    • 6kg bag
    • Burn time is 1 hour per log
    • 280mm x 400mm x 140mm
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  2. Sale!

    Blazers Eco Logs 10kg



    100% natural materials, Blazers Eco logs are environmentally friendly, with no spitting or sparks. Easy to light and clean to burn.

    Buying options:

    • Single bags — perfect to add to your wood or coal order to try something different.  (And we are sure you'll love them!)
    • A half pallett (54 bulk deal) — great value for money option
    • A full pallett (100 bulk deal) — even greater value for money option

    Please call the office on 01524 812476 for even better discounts on larger quantities.

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  3. Wine Logs


    We have some warming news for homeowners wishing to add something very different to both their winter celebrations and their daily routine this year, having introduced a wholly unique product to the UK - Wine Logs.

    Wine Logs are literally that – dark maroon-red logs formed from grape seeds extracted during the processing of grapes for wine and grappa production. These seeds are cold-pressed, without the addition of any chemicals, to extract oils from them. This ensures a better combustion when the log is lit and a longer burn when used in an open or closed fire, or a woodburner or multi-fuel appliance.

    A hole within the 100 per cent natural log allows air to circulate around it, again assisting combustion. The logs create a nice dancing flame and a sustained burn. Keeping the fire going is not a struggle and they generate a great amount of heat, having a calorific value of 5.11 kwh/kg and a moisture content of just over 10 per cent. They produce little ash and are clean to use.

    There is also a lovely aroma of wine emanating from the logs the minute the 15kg box is opened and, as long as you store them in a fresh and dry place out of the sun, they can be your great new talking point whenever guests arrive.

    Wine logs are an ecological alternative to carbon and were discovered by Logs Direct when it attended an exhibition in Verona as the guest of the Italian Embassy. If you too would like to appreciate what they can bring to the party, festive celebrations or January blues, add these tyo your cart or call 01524 812476 to buy this exclusive product at a price of £9.99 for a box of 9 logs. If wine isn’t your thing, perhaps check out the Coffee Logs from bio-bean® also on sale there, formed from recycled coffee grounds!

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These ‘eco logs’ are a real fuel revolution. Blazers, as a company, set out to create something special from “[their] own residue streams”. The result is an environmentally-friendly fuel source for your fire. The company minimises waste and produces an exciting alternative.

Just as important, they leave little ash when they burn, making your own fire waste management simple!

We’re as proud to stock Blazers’ eco-friendly briquettes as they are of the methods used to make them.

If you have any questions about how best to use these briquettes, please get in touch! We’re always happy to hear from fellow fire lovers. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.