3 x Nets Warma Softwood Firewood Logs

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3x nets of Warma softwood logs, Manufactured at our wood production facility in North Lancashire, these logs are lovingly collected, processed, kiln dried and cleaned prior to packing into nets, each net is 45x 55cm although they can stretch a little once full meaning the three net deal equates to 75 Litres.

The wood you will find is really good to light, and burns well with a beautiful dancing flame and loads of heat to go with it, perfect for all stoves, open fires, fire pits and Chimaneas.

When you have emptied the nets you can take them to your local waste recycling centre or send them to our bag manufacturer for recycling https://www.logsdirect.co.uk/recycling-your-bags


Nets of softwood Kiln dried to less than 20% moisture in our own kiln dried facility in North Lancashire.

Ideal packs of logs for a weekend fire, for the open fire, wood burning stove or garden firepit or Chimanea.

The logs are lower density wood, so will light up really well and burn with an attractive flame and lots of heat.

Specifically cut to open fire and stove friendly sizes.

Brilliant wood for getting a fire going, after the initial logs have burnt out you can add extra hardwood logs or wood briquettes to keep the fire should you wish.

Kiln dried and manufactured to be 'Ready to Burn'.

As the wood is kiln dried the weights of the packs are 6-8kgs approx at time of packing per net, weight may vary depending on moisture content of wood and how long the wood has been kiln dried for.

The wood may arrive in alternative packaging as we pack the same size nets but in different brands.


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