2 x Pack Warma Kiln Dried Hardwood Firewood Logs Fire Burner Large Pizza Oven

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Two handy carry bag of Kiln-dried Logs 


Two handy carry bags of Kiln-dried Logs

‘Ready to Burn’

  • Ideal for inside or outside storage, when storage is an issue.
  • Perfect for carrying through your property if access is a problem.
  • Ideal for use in Pizza oven or Wood fired stoves or just your multi fuel appliance.
  • Perfect size for a weekend's burn.

Within each bag of logs the logs are all kiln dried down to under 20% moisture content which will give a long slow burn and burn at maximum efficiency. Perfect for immediate burning on all stoves and open fires, providing that wonderful aroma only a log fire provides. They can be used on their own or with our other solid fuel options available.

8kg approx at time of packing per bag, weight will vary over time but contains the same quantity of wood.

*Due to demand this item may come in a plain stock bag or net - rest assured the quantity and contents remain the same.

Weight may vary depending on moisture content of wood and how long the wood has been in the kiln for, the dryer the wood the lighter it will be.


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