Timothy Rich Hay 5-a-Day Rabbit & Guinea Pig Food

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Nature's Own Timothy rich hay is a brand new Rabbit and Guinea pig food. Each bag is carefully prepared with a luxury mixture of Timothy hay, pumpkin, sweet peppers, beetroot and mint. Hay is an crucial part of your pet’s diet, providing vital fibre and grinding activity which is imperative for teeth health.


Timothy hay is hugely beneficial to your rabbit, guinea pig or chinchilla. Timothy hay is especially rich in fibre, which helps your rabbits and guinea pigs maintain a healthy digestive system. Even more so than with us humans, fibre plays a hugely important role in helping rabbits and guinea pigs digest their food.

In the wild, herbivores will graze on wild grasses pretty most constantly. This constant fibre intake means they are genetically dependant on a high fibre diet. Nature’s Own 5-a-day will fill this need perfectly. A lack of fibre can cause serious health problems for your pet. Stomach and digestive problems are common among domestic rabbits and guinea pigs. Nature’s Own Timothy Rich 5-a-day Hay is also low in protein and calcium, which is ideal to keep your pet healthy.

In addition, the Timothy Rich 5-a-day offers a wealth of dental benefits. Chinchillas, rabbits and guinea pigs all have constantly growing teeth. They need something nice to chew on to help grind their teeth down to a healthy length, Nature’s Own Timothy Rich 5-a-day is the perfect thing for this. If your pet doesn’t have the right food to chew on they can easily develop malocclusion.

A great tip is to encourage your pet to forage as she would in the wild. Put your hay in a cardboard tube or basket, this will give him some extra stimulation and encourage their foraging skills.

Nature’s Own Timothy Rich 5-a-day Hay is fortified with beneficial pumpkin, sweet peppers, beetroot, mint and marigold; it contains everything your Guinea pig needs. But of course make sure your rabbit or chinchilla also has constant access to plenty of fresh water.

STORAGE: Make sure you keep your very dry, do not handle it until you have to and store it out of sunlight. This will keep your Timothy Rich 5-a-day hay fresh and ready to eat.