Smokeless Fuel Firepak

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Made with smokeless ingredients, the firepak is simple to use. Instant light, burns for up to 4 hours and is great for use with coal or our kiln dried logs.

Firepak is the quick and simple solution to lighting your fire!


The Firepack is an instant light complete fire in a bag. Made with top quality smokeless ingredients it burns for up to 4 hours. It's the comfort and magic of a real fire but with ultimate in ease and convenience. Just light the pack and sit back and relax.

The firepak is also the ideal way to start any fire. Add coal, briquettes or some of our real kiln dried logs to extend the fire.

Each Firepak comes in a handy 4.5Kg bag.

  • Place the pack on the grate with the red lighting strip facing toward you.
  • Pull out the corners of the red lighting strip and light them.
  • Now sit back and bask in the glow of a roaring fire - job well done!