House Coal Bundle Buys

  1. Traditional House Coal Doubles 20kg - 20 Bag Deal


    Want to save money on your housecoal order? Well then why not buy  the Logs Direct 20 bag coal doubles deal!

    Included in this fantastic offer is 20 bags of traditional housecoal doubles all prepacked in our Lancashire warehouse into 20kg 'handy to carry' plastic bags. And by purchasing this amazing deal you are saving £12.01!

    Traditional housecoal doubles are perfect for open fires as they give an intense burn for maximum heat output. Housecoal doubles are not suitable for stove appliances.

    And don't worry about having to come and collect your housecoal doubles, as this fantastic deal also comes with FREE nationwide delivery direct to your door!

    And new for 2016! All our house coal doubles are now Columbian grade which is the very best coal on the market, and whereas most fuel suppliers will charge extra for this grade, we don't, resulting in the very best housecoal at the very best prices!

    So why not buy and save today!

    If I buy this coal in the deal what money am I saving?

    If you buy our coal doubles deal then you are saving just over £12. What's more we will deliver your coal direct to your door free of charge.

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  2. Sale!

    Toasty Trebles 20kg - 20 bag deal



    To keep you warm this winter why not buy our brand new toasty trebles deal online which includes 20 bags of our traditional premium house coal trebles delivery direct to your door!

    Coal trebles are traditionally larger pieces of house coal that therefore last longer on an open fire. And because we use only the very best house coal trebles, this product produces an extreme amount of heat! Not suitable for use in multifuel stoves

    And don't forget our delivery service is free throughout the UK!

    What is the difference between housecoal doubles and housecoal trebles?

    Housecoal doubles are found to be smaller pieces of coal whereas housecoal trebles are larger pieces and therefore on average last significantly longer.

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  3. Kiln Dried Dumpy and Doubles Deal

    Looking for a deal perfect for burning on an open fire? Well look no further, this deal includes our famous kiln dried dumpy stuffed full, along with 5 bags of traditional house coal, perfect for those open fires. Actual saving: £14.94 Learn More
  4. Kiln Dried Mammoth & Doubles Deal

    This bundle buy is perfect if a larger quantity of wood is required than the standard dumpy bundle. This bundle buy includes our mammoth bag with 5 bags of traditional house coal, perfect for getting those open fires roaring! And for ease of lighting, we have of course included 2 bags of kindling and 2 boxes of firelighters on the house! Learn More
  5. Kiln Dried Hardwood 1cbm Crate & Doubles Deal

    For the dedicated open fire enthusiast. We have a large quantity of top quality kiln dried hardwood with 5 bags of our very best house coal which is sure to get that fire burning. And dont forget because this is a bundle buy, not only do you make s significant saving, but also you receive 2 nets of kindling and 2 boxes of firelighters absolutely free! Why not snap up this fantastic deal now! Learn More