A Donation to Help Red Squirrels

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The red squirrel is one of Great Britain’s most iconic native creatures and here at Logs Direct we are committed to preserving and giving something back to the natural environment.

We are passionate about providing high quality products whilst improving the lives and landscapes of the people and places we do business with.

With every voluntary donation over £2 at www.logsdirect.co.uk you will receive a red squirrel soft toy with your order.

Logs Direct will fund match all donations to help Westmoorland Red Squirrels protect this iconic species and their vital conservation work.


Fifty percent of our products come from Cumbria, one of the few counties in the country where the native British Red Squirrel can still be found.  The red squirrel is our only native British squirrel but is at serious risk of extinction if population numbers continue to decline.

The main cause of this decline is competition with the American grey squirrel, an introduced species which is larger than the red and better able to survive harsh weather and occasional food shortages. It also breeds more successfully and quickly out-competes its red cousin for food.

The Westmoorland Red Squirrels organisation make people aware of the threats to red squirrels. Working with members and volunteers, local communities, other groups and conservation organisations to eliminate these threats. This way they will ensure that red squirrels remain an intrinsic and valued part of our landscape, enhancing biodiversity and sustaining our cultural heritage for generations to come.