Piccante Pizza Logs: Designed for Restaurants

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Purpose designed by Logs Direct for wood-fired and pizza restaurants, our Piccante pizza logs are available for the restaurant trade in bulk quantity. Produced from high quality finely-ground compressed Italian beech, Piccante are additive free without noxious chemicals and HACCP certified.

The octagonal shape of each Piccante log is designed to improve air flow compared to a regular log. This improves combustion, making for a hotter burn with great flame – perfect for your pizza, with just the right amount of char to the base.

The consistent burn and long-lasting embers of the Piccante allow you to easily maintain the perfect temperature for your pizza oven.

  • 8 sided beech log 9 logs in a 14kg box

  • reaches temperature on demand

  • great combusion

  • consistent burn

  • HACPP approved

  • long lasting embers

For optimum service, reliability & consistency in your restaurant fuels, contact Logs Direct: Tel: 01524 812476 Email: enquiries@logsdirect.co.uk www.logsdirect.co.uk


Designed by chefs, for chefs

  • Created in consultation with chefs and designed especially for restaurants
  • Ready to burn out of the box!
  • Perfect for pizza ovens
  • Available in full or half pallets
  • High quality finely-ground compressed Italian beech
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) certified - this ensures that the logs are same to use in a food preparation area, as they release no noxious chemicals and contain no additives.

Let your logs burn longer

  • Unique octagonal design allows for improved air flow for optimum burning and combustion.
  • Constant temperature is maintained, ensuring the best finish for your pizza every time
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