Kiln Dried Logs for Sale in the UK

Logs Direct is the leading log delivery service in Lancashire. Our reputation has been earned through eight years of supplying the very best seasoned logs and firewood to our loyal logs customers and we have now expanded to become the largest supplier of quality logs in the United Kingdom.

Logs Direct’s superior seasoned logs and firewood have secured our place as the log suppliers logs customers turn to for all their domestic and commercial winter fuel requirements. Praise for Logs Direct quality logs and the unmatched efficiency of our delivery service continues to spread in and across the UK.


Many satisfied logs customers have testified to Logs Direct’s quality logs and seasoned firewood, including our exceptional kiln dried logs, dried to less than 20% moisture content, which provide optimum heat output when used as fuel in the chilly autumn and winter months.

Logs Direct offer a domestic service nationwide, pledging free delivery of our best seasoned logs, kindling and firewood directly to the doors of UK homeowners and businesses within 3 – 5 days of when the is placed. As can be expected, this has bolstered our reputation both in Lancashire and nationally.


Combined with the quality of our firewood, the efficiency of Logs Direct’s delivery service makes them a formidable wholesaler and has seen them forge strong commercial relationships with large businesses. Logs Direct now hold successful long term contracts with the National Trust and many household names in the log supply inidustry while maintaining smaller firewood provision contracts with a wide variety of independent merchants and grocery stores throughout . Our commitment to satisfying all customer requirements, big or small, is unparalleled.

Logs Direct was founded in 2002 by a father and son team, Alan and Andrew Foulds. Managing Director Andrew Foulds recently had this to say about our commitment to continuing the expansion of our business and the cementing of our reputation in and across the UK as the best logs suppliers customers could wish for:

“We’ve seen huge success across the country particularly in , and forged strong relationships in both wholesale logs and commercial firewood markets. Following the success of our commercial relationships with national suppliers and the National Trust, we are looking forward to further expanding the wholesale side of Logs Direct.”


Heightened awareness of the need to find more environmentally responsible fuel alternatives to coal has also been a major factor in the growing popularity of Logs Direct’s carbon neutral range of firewood and seasoned logs amongst our eco-friendly customer base in .

If you are seeking the finest quality logs, firewood and kindling available in with a highly efficient free delivery service then place your order with Logs Direct today.