Kiln Dried Logs for Sale in Sussex

Sussex is a beautiful county with plenty to see and do in the summer, but when it gets to winter most people would much rather be huddled up indoors, seeking warmth. When the colder weather comes on you’ll want to get that fire going again, and for the best burning logs and great prices, you should be looking at Logs Direct.

Logs Direct is a family run business that aims to provide people with responsibly sourced, efficient logs and great customer service. All our logs are kiln-dried to below 20% moisture content, which means that they’ll burn hotter for longer, and they’re easier to get going. That’s great for when you need to warm up the room quickly and don’t want to mess around trying to get the fire started. Even better, our wood will produce less, and more pleasant smoke than unseasoned logs, meaning you can enjoy the wood-burning aroma without the choking smoke.

In order to help keep our countryside beautiful, Logs Direct are also dedicated to using responsible sources for their wood, from FSC approved forests. Because new trees are planted to replace the trees turned into firewood, the logs you’re burning are carbon neutral, which means they’ll give you almost no carbon footprint, great for the environment!

Logs Direct offer free delivery on all our items, with delivery usually taking 5-7 days. If you have a more urgent delivery requirement, or any other specific requests, call us on 01524 812 476 and we’ll be happy to be of service.