Buy Oxfordshire Kiln Dried Logs for Sale

Oxford and the surrounding county of Oxfordshire have a long, important and detailed history, and is exactly the sort of place where you’ll appreciate a friendly, inviting open fire. Watch the flames dance over crackling logs, giving the room a soft, warm glow and heating up your home just right.

Of course, this ideal image can be ruined by buying poor quality, unseasoned logs, which will fill the room with thick, acrid smoke and burn badly. Wood that you buy from logs direct is all kiln-dried to less than 20% moisture content. Dry, hardwood logs like this will burn hotter for longer, and even the smoke they give off is nicer, providing you with a light, aromatic smell of wood smoke to infuse your house with the feel of a welcoming, relaxing home.

Logs that you buy from Logs Direct are also eco-friendly, being sourced from FSC approved woodland and kiln-dried using environmentally friendly fuel sources. Each log that you burn has been replaced with new plants, which will soak up the carbon dioxide produced and in time grow into large trees themselves. This makes wood effectively a carbon neutral way to heat your home, as well as idyllic.

All of our products come with Free Delivery and will arrive within 5-7 days. Because we are a family run business, we’re always happy to try and help you meet your needs, so if you do need a more urgent delivery, or any other specific requirements, then please call us on 01524 812 476 and we’ll see what we can do for you.

  1. Wood Pellets 15kg

    Our BSL registered wood pellets are made from highly compressed, very dry sawdust. The sawdust is squeezed through a highly pressured 6mm die. The high pressure releases natural lignin in the wood which acts as a natural ‘glue’ – there are no additives whatsoever in our products. Learn More
  2. Wood Pellets 15kg x 67bags

    • Blazer wood pellets
    • 67 x 15kg bags
    • ENplus Grade A1 pellets
    • BSL registered
    All of our Enplus grade 1 heating pellets are BSL accredited enabling them to be burnt on RHI boilers. Please note, due to UK shortage of this product, these may arrive in different packaging. Learn More
  3. Wood Pellet Horse Bedding 15kg

    No glues or additives, a 15kg bag of wood pellets is great for horse bedding. Easy to use: just add water, mix and spread out the desired amount for your horse's bed. Learn More
  4. Sale!

    Chimenea Fuel



    Made from 100% recycled material, perfect for burning in your outdoor garden chiminea or patio fire pit. Designed with a special formula to leave incredibly low residual ash and produce a warm hearty sustained burn.

    Our Chimenea and Fire Pit Fuel comes in Handy 10kg bags are easy to store and carry.

    Learn More
  5. Hotblocks


    Hotblocks are made from clean recycled pallet wood. They are extremely dry and denser than logs. This means that they burn hotter and longer than seasoned logs. They are also cleaner and easier to handle. Unlike logs the convenient rectangular shape means stacking and storage is really easy and efficient, so they take up very little space.

    - Burn cleaner, hotter and longer than seasoned logs
    - Very low ash
    - No harmful tar residues to flues & chimneys


    Use in woodburners, multi stoves, wood ovens, log boilers, chimeneas, firepits & open fires

    1 pack of 10 logs - £4.50 each

    Special introductory bulk deals

    30 packs - £126 incl delivery
    50 packs - £195 incl delivery

    Learn More