Excellent Quality Lincolnshire Logs for Sale

The folk of Lincolnshire are known to enjoy a good fire, and with winters getting longer and colder, having a good supplier of top quality firewood is only becoming more important. You want firewood that is efficient, providing a long, slow burn that still heats the room entirely, and these go hand in hand.

Kiln dried firewood is ideal for the efficient fuel source you are looking for, with a moisture content of less than 20% offering you incredibly dry wood that is long lasting and hot. With very little water to burn off, your logs will burn directly, reaching higher temperatures faster and staying hot for longer. When the long winter months roll in you’ll be glad that your supply lasts long enough to see you through to the end.

When using firewood it’s also good to know that you’re helping to maintain the beauty of the countryside, both in the area you live in and all over the globe. It’s becoming more and more important to protect the environment, and buying logs from an FSC approved forest can help you to ensure that you’re doing your part. The FSC make sure that forests are well treated, keeping foresters from harming the local eco system and regulating a fair trade code.

You can also be sure that your wood is a carbon neutral fuel source, since carbon that is released from burning your logs is reabsorbed by the trees that are planted to replace them. Since the same amount of carbon is released whether a tree rots or is burned, the same amount of carbon will be released no matter what, and replanting trees ensures that carbon is captured and put to good use.

Knowing that your fuel comes from a local source is even better. Your firewood will be delivered from a Lincolnshire based distribution centre that employs local people, so you can support your local economy when you buy. Even better, delivery is free, and will usually only take 5-7 working days to arrive.

If you have any special requests, or have an urgent need for firewood in less than 5 days, contact us on 01524 812 476 and we’ll be happy to help.