Kiln Dried Logs for Sale in Essex

Relax in a warm and comfortable front room, let the beautiful aroma of wood smoke wash over you and listen to the merry crackling of logs in the fireplace. This is the feeling that we’re dedicated to giving our customers in Essex, and it’s not possible with poor quality logs. With a moisture content of below 20%, our logs will burn longer and hotter than logs which haven’t been seasoned properly, and since they burn properly, the smoke they give off is light and aromatic, rather than thick and acrid. If you’ve had bad experiences with logs in the past, try something of top quality from Logs Direct and you’ll never go back.

Our family run business isn’t just about providing you with top quality logs though. We also aim to reduce your carbon footprint by sourcing our wood from FSC approved forests, and using environmentally friendly fuels in our kilns when we season kiln-dried logs. Since trees will absorb carbon dioxide while they’re growing, and properly seasoned logs will burn for longer, a properly sourced fuel will be carbon neutral, giving you a green conscience and a warm feeling.

If you’re looking for firewood in Essex, Logs Direct is the place to come. All our deliveries are free of charge, and will usually arrive in 5-7 days. If you need urgent next day delivery, want to make any specific requests or would like to find out more, please give us a call on 01524 812 476 and we’ll be happy to help.