Kiln Dried Logs for Sale in East Sussex

Logs Direct firewood is delivered straight to your door from local East Sussex suppliers, allowing you to get top quality logs and support your local area at the same time. Choosing your firewood from Logs Direct gives you access to logs that are low in moisture content, responsibly sourced and fuel efficient from one of the UK’s top suppliers of firewood.

Low Moisture Content

The low moisture content you’ll find in our firewood is thanks to the kiln drying process we use, which allows us to turn freshly chopped wood into fuel for your fire much quicker than normal. Usually the natural drying process can take up to four years, but thanks to Logs Direct you won’t have to wait that long before you can start using your firewood. You can chuck it on the fire the moment it arrives at your home.

FSC Approved

Logs Direct firewood is responsibly sourced from FSC approved forests, which means that for every tree chopped down, a new one is planted to take its place. The new trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to help themselves grow, so when you’re burning our logs in your fireplace or wood burning stove, you can be assured that it’s a carbon neutral fuel solution.

Free Delivery in East Sussex

Logs Direct provide free delivery with all of our orders, and your logs can be delivered by dumpy bag or crate direct to your home. If you have any special requests, please call us on 01524 812 476, we’re always happy to help.