Kiln Dried Logs for Sale in Dorset

Dorset may have milder winters than the rest of the country, but winters all across the UK are getting longer, colder and wetter, and when that weather comes a nice fire is always appreciated. To get it just right, you want dry, hardwood logs that can burn bright and hot for long periods of time, allowing the fire to warm you to the bone and let you relax while it takes its time to burn down.

To make sure that you get the best quality of hardwood, Logs Direct use a kiln drying method to reduce the moisture content of your logs to less than 20%, offering just that perfect burn that you are looking for. Logs with lower moisture content like this don’t have to burn off too much excess water, and as a result you will see flames that are hot and long lasting, with a light, aromatic smoke.

Low moisture content logs are much better for wood burning stoves, which should never be used to burn unseasoned or green wood. Burning unseasoned wood will give off heavy, thick, black smoke which easily clogs up the stove with soot and creosote, making it both less efficient and more dangerous. The dryer your wood is, the better it will be for your wood burning stove, which is why Logs Direct try to get you the driest logs possible.

When you get your logs from Logs Direct you can also be sure that it is responsibly sourced. All your wood will come from FSC approved forests, meaning that we take great care not to damage local ecosystems and our practices are good for the global environment as well. For every tree cut down a new one is planted, and when the carbon is released into the atmosphere it is absorbed by the growing tree, so that the wood you’re burning is a carbon neutral fuel solution.

Logs Direct offer free delivery anywhere in Dorset including Bournemouth, Poole and Dorchester. Delivery will usually take between 5-7 days to arrive, and is delivered from a local, Dorset based supply depot. If you have any urgent or special requests, then please call 01524 812 476 and we’ll be happy to help you.