Excellent Quality Derbyshire Kiln Dried Logs for Sale

Logs Direct are one of the largest suppliers of firewood throughout the UK, and thanks to our local distribution hubs, you can be sure that the firewood is supplied by local people. As a business that started from a shed, and is family run to this day, Logs Direct understands the importance of buying your firewood locally.

Environmentally Friendly

Our logs are also environmentally friendly, being sourced only from FSC approved forests, where each tree that is cut down is replaced, and the new growths can absorb all the carbon that is created from your fireplace. This makes Logs Direct firewood a carbon neutral solution to heating your homes in winter, so you don’t need to choose between the environment and your warmth.

Kiln Dried Firewood

Even better, the wood you buy from Logs Direct has been kiln dried to less than 20% moisture content, meaning that it burns up to three times as well as unseasoned firewood, and the smoke it gives off is much more pleasant. A single log could last you for hours, giving off a wonderful, wood smoke aroma and crackling nicely as it burns.

Free Delivery in Derbyshire

Deliveries usually arrive within 5-7 days, and orders placed with us also have free delivery. The wood can be supplied in dumpy bags or crates, right to your home, so it’s easy for you to store.