Kiln Dried Logs for Sale in Cheshire and the North West

As a Lancashire based family business, Logs Direct has been delivering great quality firewood in the North West for 12 years. While we’re now able to deliver to the whole of the UK, we don’t forget our North West roots, and that’s why we’re keen that people in places like Cheshire have access to great quality and affordable fuel.

Our logs will give you a long, clean burn. We make sure to kiln-dry our logs to below 20% moisture content for the best quality flame, minimum smoke and a wonderful wood-burning aroma. Our wood is also sourced from FSC approved forests, so you won’t have to feel guilty about your carbon footprint. Since the fuels we use in our kilns is also environmentally friendly you can really help reduce your carbon footprint by buying our kiln-dried logs.

With Logs Direct you can enjoy the relaxing feeling of an aromatic, warm and comfortable room thanks to our top quality logs, and you can enjoy your fire with a clean environmental conscience.

All our logs are delivered within 5-7 days, with Free Delivery. If you’d like to make any specific requests, need urgent next day delivery, or want to find out more, give us a call on 01524 812 476.