Evening Lighter (Swedish Torches) 4 Pack

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  • Great for evenings in the garden

  • Perfect for outdoor cooking — think camping, caravaning, trekking

  • Kerosene firestarter in water-resistant packaging inside the torch

  • Unique design

  • Height 25 cm

  • Diameter 16-20 cm

  • Species – alder

  • Burns up to 2 hours

  • 100% FSC certificated, kiln dry, <18% moisture


Evening Lighter (otherwise known as 'Sweedish Torches') gives a beautiful flame for up to 2 hours.

  • They are a perfect source of light, heat and fire.  Great for cozy evenings outdoors.
  • Used for camping, outside cooking, festivals and fishing.
  • Ideal for holiday parks, campsites and carvan sites
  • Easy to light - there is a firestarter in water-resistant packaging.
  • Easy to carry - an integrated handy handle with locking holder.
  • Note, these are kiln dried birch whole logs, whereas cheaper 'Swedish Eco Torches' use low quality softwoods


  1. Remove the packaing
  2. Take out firelighter
  3. Light the firelighter with the foil packaging still in place (you can dispose of this later.)
  4. Place the firelighter into the torch